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Poll: Trump Begins Presidency with Lowest Gallup Approval Rating Ever

Final polling numbers before being sworn in as President of the United States showed Donald Trump entering the White House with historic low approval numbers.

Now Gallup has released Trump’s first approval rating as President–and it’s not good.

The former reality TV host-turned-politician begins his term with only 45% of the country approving of him. The polling company notes that he is “the first elected president in Gallup’s polling history to receive an initial job approval rating below the majority level.”

Making matters worse, Trump is also starting off with “the highest initial disapproval rating in Gallup surveys dating back to Dwight D. Eisenhower.” Trump’s disapproval is 45%, with 10% having no opinion.

Before Trump, Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush had the record low initial approval at 51% each.

Take a look at the below chart courtesy of Gallup:


As you can see, Eisenhower and Barack Obama had the highest initial job approval rating at 68% each.

What’s also notable in this comparison chart is that before Trump, the “No opinion” percentage never went below 18%. Considering how divisive the 2016 presidential election was, it was hard to find someone who had no opinion on the two major party candidates. And Trump’s 10% here shows that far more people than ever before have a strong and opinion, both for and against.

Breaking down the data by demographic, 90% of Republicans give Trump their approval, while 81% of Democrats disapproving. For Independents, it’s 40% approve and 44% disapprove.

Looking at race, Trump has the approval of 56% of white Americans, but a majority of non-white Americans (64%) do not approve. There’s also a split of approval when you compare men (48%-41%) and women (42%-49%).

You can check out other breakdowns in the poll here. Gallup conducted surveys for this poll over the course of Trump’s first three days as President, from January 20-22.

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