This Week in Political History: January 29-February 4

What do civil rights activist Rosa Parks and Vice President Dan Quayle have in common? They were both born on the same day (February 4) 34 years apart. These are just a couple moments that are happening this week in political history. Read on to find out what else happened, including some one-year anniversary flashbacks to the 2016 presidential election, like Hillary Clinton making history with her Iowa caucus win.

January 29:
1843: President William McKinley is born.
1861: Kansas becomes the 34th state.
1984: President Ronald Reagan begins his presidential re-election campaign.

January 30:
1882: President Franklin D. Roosevelt is born.

January 31:
1865: U.S. House passes the 13th Amendment.

February 1:
2013: Hillary Clinton’s last day as Secretary of State.
2016: Hillary Clinton wins Iowa Caucus, becoming the first woman to do so.
2016: Martin O’Malley (D) and Mike Huckabee (R) end their presidential campaigns.

February 2:
1960: U.S. Senate passes 23rd Amendment.
2016: Rand Paul (R) and Rick Santorum (R) end their presidential campaigns.

February 3:
1962: President John F. Kennedy bans trade with Cuba.

February 4:
1913: Civil rights activist Rosa Parks is born.
1947: Vice President Dan Quayle is born.

If there are any moments in political history coming up that you think we should mention in a future article, let us know!

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