This Week in Political History: February 5-11

What do Aaron Burr and Ronald Reagan have in common–aside from having worked in the White House? They were both born on the same day (February 6) 155 years ago. These are just a couple moments that are happening this week in political history. Read on to find out what else happened, including more 2016 presidential election flashbacks.

February 5:
1900: Governor Adlai Stevenson II is born.

February 6:
1756: Vice President Aaron Burr is born.
1788: Massachusetts ratifies the U.S. Constitution.
1911: President Ronald Reagan is born.

February 8:
1887: Congress passes the Dawes Act.

February 9:
1773: President William Henry Harrison is born.
1825: U.S. House of Representatives elects John Quincy Adams as President.
1909: Secretary of State Dean Rusk is born.
2016: Senator Bernie Sanders (I) wins New Hampshire Presidential Democratic Primary.

February 10:
2007: Barack Obama begins his successful campaign for President.
2016: Carly Fiorina (R) and Chris Christie (R) end their presidential campaigns.

February 11:
1833: U.S. Supreme Court Justice Melville Fuller is born.
1903: Congress passes the Expedition Act

If there are any moments in political history coming up that you think we should mention in a future article, let us know!

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