This Week in Political History: February 12-18

There are some big moments that happened this week in political history, including Abraham Lincoln’s birthday, Oregon and Arizona becoming states and New Jersey abolishing slavery. Plus, in another 2016 presidential election flashback, Jim Gilmore ended his campaign a year ago. Read on to find out what else happened this week in political history.

February 12:
1809: President Abraham Lincoln is born.
1999: U.S. Senate votes to acquit President Bill Clinton
2016: Jim Gilmore (R) ends presidential campaign.

February 13:
2016: U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia dies.

February 14:
1817: Abolitionist Frederick Douglass is born.
1859: Oregon becomes the 33rd state.
1912: Arizona becomes the 48th state.

February 15:
1726: Declaration of Independence signer Abraham Clark is born.
1804: New Jersey abolishes slavery.
1820: Suffragette Susan B. Anthony is born.
1934: Congress passes the Civil Works Emergency Relief Act.

February 16:
1904: Diplomat George Kennan is born.

February 17:
1801: U.S. House of Representatives chooses Thomas Jefferson as President and Aaron Burr as Vice President.
1960: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is arrested during a bus boycott in Alabama.
1973: President Richard Nixon chooses Patrick Gray as FBI Director.

February 18:
1892: Politician/statesman Wendell Willkie is born.
1945: U.S. Marines invade Iwo Jima.

If there are any moments in political history coming up that you think we should mention in a future article, let us know!

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