‘SNL’: Melissa McCarthy Returns as Sean Spicer, Trump Heads to ‘The People’s Court’

All eyes were on NBC’s Saturday Night Live this weekend because the host was none other than Alec Baldwin. We all expected him to play President Donald Trump, which he did, of course, but it was the cold open that no one expected.

A week ago, Melissa McCarthy hilariously played White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, providing one of the best political sketches of the entire season.

No one expected her to return only one week later, but she did–to the benefit of all of us.

McCarthy-as-Spicer does everything from chewing a giant piece of gum, having a hard time pronouncing the names of foreign leaders, saying that Trump will be heading to The People’s Court (referencing the real Trump’s tweet after the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against him), using props to get his point across, calling out the media for reporting on his errors and reading a list of fake massacres.

One of the best moments of the sketch is when SNL‘s Spicer promotes Ivanka Trump’s products (with QVC info popping up on the screen just like the infomercials) and shows off some high heels!

After the product placement, cast member Kate McKinnon comes out to play Jeff Sessions. Considering we’ve heard reports that Trump was not happy that a woman played Spicer, it makes this even better that SNL had a woman play someone else on his team.

You can watch the full sketch below:

This episode of SNL was full of political sketches and videos…

There’s this one about Trump’s counselor Kellyanne Conway (McKinnon again) and CNN’s Jake Tapper:

Kate McKinnon also played Senator Elizabeth Warren during Weekend Update:

As mentioned, Alec Baldwin of course played Trump, this time on The People’s Court, a great throwback to what McCarthy said in the cold open. This sketch sees Trump pitted against the Court of Appeals judges and shows Trump’s bromance with Russian President Vladamir Putin.

Finally, cast member Leslie Jones wants to play Trump:

Saturday Night Live is taking a couple weeks off, but when it returns on March 4 at 11:35pm on NBC, Octavia Spencer will host.

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