This Week in Political History: February 19-25

Find out what happened this week in political history. Also, there are some more 2016 presidential election flashbacks, including wins by Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, and Jeb Bush ending his campaign.

February 19:
1807: Vice President Aaron Burr arrested for treason, later found innocent.

February 20:
1792: U.S. Postal Service is created.
2016: Hillary Clinton (D) wins Nevada Caucus.
2016: Donald Trump (R) wins South Carolina Primary.
2016: Jeb Bush (R) ends presidential campaign.

February 21:
1885: Washington Monument is dedicated.

February 22:
1732: President George Washington is born.
1932: Senator Ted Kennedy is born.

February 23:
1868: Civil rights activist W.E.B. Du Bois is born.
2016: Donald Trump (R) wins Nevada Caucus.

February 24:
1921: Herbert Hoover becomes Secretary of Commerce.

February 25:
1804: Thomas Jefferson is nominated for President.
1888: Secretary of State John Foster Dulles is born.
1913: The 16th Amendment is adopted.

If there are any moments in political history coming up that you think we should mention in a future article, let us know!

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