This Week in Political History: March 19-25

This week in political history, Thomas Jefferson became the first Secretary of State, Congress passed a bill regarding Daylight Saving Light and more. Plus, we have more 2016 election flashbacks. Read on for all the facts…

March 19:
1891: Supreme Court Justice Earl Warren is born.
1918: Congress passes law authorizing Daylight Saving Time.

March 20:
1939: President Franklin D. Roosevelt nominates William O. Douglas to the Supreme Court.

March 21:
2016: Bernie Sanders (I) wins he Democrats Abroad Primary.

March 22:
1790: Thomas Jefferson becomes the first Secretary of State.
2016: Hillary Clinton (D) wins the Arizona Primary.
2016: Bernie Sanders (I) wins the Idaho and Utah Caucuses.
2016: Donald Trump (R) wins the Arizona Primary.
2016: Ted Cruz (R) wins the Utah Caucus.

March 23:
1862: Confederate General Stonewall Jackson is defeated at the Battle of Kernstown

March 24:
1755: U.S. Constitution Framer Rufus King is born.

March 25:
1867: Mt. Rushmore Sculptor Gutzon Borglum is born.
1934: Political activist Gloria Steinem is born.

If there are any moments in political history that you think we should we should mention in a future article, let us know!

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