Weekly Address 3/18/17: Donald Trump Praises Slave Owner Andrew Jackson

In his latest Weekly Address, President Donald Trump recaps his trips to Tennessee and Michigan. He mentions that he paid tribute to President Andrew Jackson, continuing Trump’s fascination and obsession with trying to emulate the slave-owning seventh U.S. President.

Later in the Address, Trump makes some hypocritical comments about needing to turn away from shipping jobs overseas and making sure we “buy American and hire American.” Trump himself has never followed his own words on this, since his products are made overseas.

Trump ends with a comment about the need for Americans to unite, which is hard to do when the country’s own leader doesn’t demonstrate a willingness for unity.

Watch Trump’s latest Weekly Address (3/18/17) below:

Here is the transcript of the Weekly Address if you only want to read it or to follow along as you’re watching the video:

“My fellow Americans,


“This week, I traveled to Nashville, Tennessee, to lay a wreath at the grave of Andrew Jackson on the 250th anniversary of his birth. Jackson was an American hero, first as the brilliant general whose crushing defeat of the British at New Orleans saved our independence in the War of 1812 and, later, as the seventh President of the United States when he fought to defend the forgotten men and women from the arrogant elite of his day. Does it sound familiar? The memory of his leadership lives on in our people, and his spirit points us to a better future.


“This week, I also traveled to the Willow Run plant in Michigan. At that facility during the Second World War, the Ford Motor Company built not cars but entire airplanes. At one point, workers there produced a complete B-24 Liberator every single hour–hard to believe.


“Today on that site is a new facility, where the cutting edge cars of the future will be tested. And this week, the old plant was filled once again with thousands of workers and engineers. I was there to share the good news for the American auto industry.


“We announced we’ll be reversing an 11th hour executive action from the previous administration that was threatening thousands of auto jobs in Michigan and across America–and I mean threatening; it was very, very sad to see.


“In fact, we are setting up a task force in every federal agency to identify any unnecessary regulation that is hurting American businesses and American jobs. The first two jobs reports of my administration show that we’ve already added nearly half a million new jobs.


“The days of economic surrender for the United States are over. For too long, special interests have made money shipping jobs overseas. We need a new economic model–let’s call it the American Model. Under this model, we will lower the burden on American business, but in exchange they must hire and grow America and American jobs. This will be a win-win for our companies and for our workers.


“Let’s buy American and hire American. Let’s create jobs in America. Let’s imagine new industries. And let’s build a beautiful future together.


“Among the workers building B-24 bombers at the Willow Run plant during World War II was one tough lady. You might have heard her: they called her Rosie the Riveter. And when Rosie’s country called her, she answered the call. Rosie was famous for her toughness and her strength–and for the words that were emblazoned above her famous image. It said very simply, ‘We can do it.’


“If Americans unite and find again within our nation the soul of Rosie and the spirit of Jackson, I have no doubt that we can do it and do it like never before.


“Thank you. Enjoy your week.”

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