This Week in Political History: April 23-29

This week in political history, the Library of Congress was established, Coretta Scott King was born and much more. Also, in even more 2016 presidential election flashbacks, Hillary Clinton dominated the primaries again. Read on for more…

April 23:
1791: President James Buchanan is born.
1813: Politician Stephen A. Douglas is born.

April 24:
1800: The Library of Congress is established.

April 26:
2016: Hillary Clinton (D) wins the Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania Primaries.
2016: Bernie Sanders (I) wins the Rhode Island Primary.
2016: Donald Trump (R) wins the Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania and Rhode Island Primaries.

April 27:
1822: President Ulysses S. Grant is born.
1927: Civil rights activist Coretta Scott King is born.
2016: Ted Cruz (R) picks Carly Fiorina (R) as his running mate, despite not having the Republican nomination or even being the frontrunner to win the nomination.

April 28:
1758: President James Monroe is born.
1788: Maryland ratifies the U.S. Constitution.
1930: Statesman James Baker is born.

April 29:
1745: Supreme Court Justice Oliver Ellsworth is born.
1983: Harold Washington sworn in as Chicago’s first black mayor.

If there are any moments in political history that you think we should mention in a future article, let us know!

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